In Denial: A Reality Check

The Student of Curatorial Practice as master degree in Chulalongkorn University

In Denial: A Reality Check, is an exhibition that mirrors societal truth on air pollution and our constant brush off with it. Evidently, we cannot survive without air. Yet, how are we so complacent with the air toxicity? This exhibition invites us to confront reality and visualise the dystopian future through a range of artworks. Highlighting the causes, consequences, and even the futuristic possibilities through this passage, we hope to entail you on a journey of awareness.

Through this thematic exhibition that resonates with Art for Air, a collaborative network of artists started in Chiang Mai, our seven multidisciplinary artists have been juxtaposed together to amplify this cause. This unfolding of the story begins with the “ongoing” state of our surroundings shown through visual arts and opens into this vast possibility of “becoming” with paintings and sculpture. This multi-faceted display will offer a glimpse into the harsh reality of air pollution intending to not shock or sensationalise the audience but rather divulge the perception that it is “our '' collective story.

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