Thaniya Chaikham, Praepisut Peechapat and Santana Petchsuk

LOADING exhibition is a reflection of the social condition and all the burdens that one must carry throughout their life. It presents selected photography series from 3 artists who share a similar interest in social issues. Each tells a story from a different perspective and context while reflecting the same concern.

“LOADING” refers to applying a load or force, in this case, burden. The extra amount of load each person must carry throughout their life. When the weight is beyond resistance, people must face a life of servitude, while the main “task” is survival. As everyone was already born with some personal obligations or commitments, we inevitably need to face multiple other burdens due to an unjust social structure which also leads to social inequality.

The exhibition will showcase 3 photography projects of 3 artists that echo a perception of these loads or burdens under different contexts. “Animal Farm, (2020)” by Thaniya Chaikham explores a life cycle within a chicken farm in the term of “Role-Playing”, mirroring the social status and roles of all related parties associated with one another in the world of Capitalism. While “Spexploration, (2020)” by Praepisut Peechapat attempts to survey a structural power within society through an experiment of elements of space, humans and light, as the position and distance between each component are considered significant variations of living. How they consequently benefit or harm the people. “Yu-Pen” (อยู่เป็น, 2020) by Santana Petchsuk expresses a personal view of the word “Yu-pen” through photography, an ambiance which people adapt their living conditions to match the available resources, also to raise the question why many people in this society must do so for the sake of survival.

Unavoidably, we all must face burdens, the loads we all must carry more or less. However, what would be considered as possible variations to determine the amount of commitment each person should weigh? This exhibition would like to encourage you to question what and how the end to these burdens will be, how we all should alleviate and support each other, or if we are being too idealistic to hope for a less heavy life in this society.

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