Lost in Paradise


TRENDY GALLERY is proud to present "LOST IN PARADISE," an art exhibition that invites you to get lost in the magical world of Benzilla as you float and wander together in this paradise land.

"What you see may not be real, and what is real may not exist?"

The temptation of the world's illusionary beauty makes us see what the veil of prejudice hides. It slowly lures us to fixate our minds on that thing until it becomes an obsession, preserving our lifestyles based on popular consumer culture, believing that what we see in society is worth enjoying. We pursue it relentlessly, forgetting the essential questions of how these things came to be, how they exist, and what they are for.

It is not wrong to be lost in the fascination stirred by the paradisiacal persuasion, but it is also beautiful to indulge in the rotating world of the trend. However, we should not forget what we genuinely want to do, and only follow the illusions that are enchanting us. Realizing the attraction's force of things outside of us is something we should constantly contemplate and resist, so we can possess our lives based on our own volition, without being lost in the spells.

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