Mapping Human Journey

Pratchaya Charernsook

The world was formed while the volcanoes are still active. Water vapours is a part that was released from it and when it hits the cold, it condenses into water droplets and with the affect of gravity, it became the rain. Rain washes away the minerals in the earth's atmosphere, then it falls onto the ground and flows downwards, becoming a large source of salt water called the ocean. Before the ‘human race’ was born and begin setting rules for occupying different areas, including land, water, or even the space, without rules it is still organized by humans. Humans create complex social structures that consists of a large number of groups that are both cooperative and competitive, which are in the form of family, relatives, or to the government. Social interactions between humans have established values, social norms, rituals and technology, which together forms the foundation of human society. Humans are known for their desire of understanding and desire to have greater influence than the environment. They seek explanations and change different phenomena through science, philosophy, mythology, and religion. Furthermore, they seek commercial, economic, and political gains to takeover other territories and people in each region.

The birth and existence of the human race creates many changes to the world, whether it be from people of various ages, during the process of birth, living and passing, they all have an effect throughout the past, present and the future. This exhibition therefore takes the audience through an explorative journey to find the traces through time of the human race by the exploration of plastic waste that are used and disposed from the past, present and future.

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