Master ∞ Artist

Kars Klamnoi and Vasan Sitthiket

The Idiom "Students have teachers" (ศิษย์มีครู) is used to describe those who are well educated, and their education comes from qualified professors who impart knowledge. A teacher is someone who teaches or imparts knowledge to students. The word 'teacher' refers to a giver, a fulfilling person, and a benevolent person. Students with a teacher must respect and praise them and respect them as a grateful teacher.

Meet the works of two master artists. One teacher who teaches Kars Klamnoi, an inspirational artist teacher. with many successful disciples. After dedicating himself to education, Kars devoted his life to the art after retirement. He created many valuable works for the art world. The other is disciple who was taught by the great teacher was Vasan Sitthiket, a disciple who gained ideas - life - creative ways from Teacher Kas until becoming a leading artist whose works have a variety of techniques, including paintings, prints, sculptures, and performing arts, which are well-known internationally. He was overflowing with creative energy from a young age to the present.

From the idea of presenting works to glorify teachers who create pupils to the art industry The exhibition “Master ∞ Artist” (ศิษย์มีครู) presents a new series of paintings by Kars Klamnoi that conveys the power of beauty of lines and colors infused into feelings of emotions. Experience the identity of him through various emotions in paintings. The life of people on the streets of big cities and beauty of nature, the freshness and beauty of flora and flowers. and the artwork of Vasan Sitthiket in the latest series that has been inherited from Kars and inspired, as well as perspectives, concepts, techniques from master to disciple, to Internationally recognized artwork. Open up the world of art through rich experience and the vibrant imagination in the exhibition Master ♾ Artist.

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