Murderer Mind

Wansavang Yensabaidee

MURDERER MIND is a solo exhibition by Wansavang Yensabaidee, showcasing his abstract expressionism artwork. The series of art pieces originated during the outbreak of the virus, and Wansavang employs painting as a means to create a psychological space for escaping from reality. This time, he has created something stemming from inner feelings, which undergo various emotional processes that change with each moment. The exhibition invites viewers to be captivated by the clues and mysteries within. Wansavang's unique technique involves layering paint and scratching the canvas, adding a distinctive character to the colorful expressions and unique brushstrokes in his work. It serves as a direct reflection of emotions, thoughts, and imagination, presenting the essence of abstract painting itself. The results may vary, as they are presented through different perspectives, attitudes, truths, and values.

About Artist
Wansavang Yensabaidee, born in 1980, started as an architect but eventually turned his attention to painting. His painting practice is rooted in experimentation, aiming to create artwork that reflects emotions, character, or taste.

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