My Hero

Chaiporn Panichrutiwong

“Kanom” represents childhood.
We have grown up with Superheroes and Superheroines as our role models.
This Superheroine is more than ready to give you positive energy!

To be held in September 2023, My Hero is the fourth solo exhibition by the renowned artist (Ajarn) Chaiporn Panichrutiwong, whose acrylic paintings on canvas revolve around the stories of a chubby, animated, and cheerful character called Kanom who aspires to be a superheroine. Her tales are expressed through a series of paintings and sculptures, the latter of which are made from poly stone that best exudes extraordinary positive energy. The inspiration to create “Kanom” sprang from the artist’s imagination —if I were Kanom, what would she be like?

Kanom, a chubby girl with distinctive bodily features like voluptuous cheeks, skin as soft as marshmallows, and an enormous pair of sparkling eyes, is a considerable source of positive energy and imagination. In addition to her strong appetite for sweets and passion for everything around her, she possesses a respectful degree of kindness and always lends a helping hand to those around her. Because of her reading habit and extensive exposure to films, especially those about superheroes, she cannot help imagining herself as her favorite superheroine and immersing herself in such exciting adventures.

Even though saving the world from destructible catastrophes or doing something virtuous on a global scale, like superheroes in many films, is nearly impossible in reality, Kanom is perfectly convinced that tiny efforts in relieving others from their troubled misery and treating others with kindness are indeed a small yet powerful force, like one of the hundreds of gears in an enormous machine, that helps lead to the virtue of sizeable magnitude. And this is what Kanom aims to achieve.  

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