Kaewthamai Family: Suradej Kaewthamai, Pustee Kaewthamai, Sippakorn and Sippapas Kaewthamai

"Odýsseia", the picturesque terminus of the Kaewthamai Romanticists, is brought to life through the onerous and everlasting artistic journey from humble genesis through culminative cosmopolitan endeavors.

The enlightening indulgence in the Academic school's technical prowess, the Romanticists' sentimental ideals, the Pre-Raphaelites' earnest charm, the Impressionists' effortless palettes, and the Art-Nouveau's timeless décor, leaves one with nothing but sheer admiration, transfiguring into dedication as one decides upon the formidable journey into the old lost world. It is the unpresuming honesty, however brimming with self-cognizance of one's highest potential, that secures survival on the unforgiving terrain. Yet, as arduous as it may seem, those few who discover the hidden beauty beyond the icy massifs, can appreciate it fully, and live to tell the tales.

Thus, this undaunted quest for artistry, carried through the generations, cannot be further from the Homeric epic, in which the inundation of obstacles never fail one's willpower — the ever-present ethos that influenced the father's countryside childhood realm where he discovered his artistic call, the devotion of fine arts he shared with his loving wife, passing on to the upbringing of their children, and now, the steady revelation of the youngsters' blossoming idyll.

Featuring artists:
Suradej Kaewthamai (Father)
Pustee Kaewthamai (Mother)
Sippakorn Sippapas Kaewthamai (Twin sons)

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