"Painting & Photo" 2 Solo Exhibitions

Tawan Yaosungnoen and Chanchai Chua

“PAINTING & PHOTO” Exhibition presents the story of “Yaowarat”, a unique cultural area. And the spirit of the Thai people The Chinese ancestry that appears in the area is full. The aura of culture, belief, forge the identity of the area through beautiful architectural styles. In each time, the two artists present stories from different ways. Bringing enjoyment in the artistic perception of the paintings and photographs. Which differ in techniques and methods but the destination of the presentation is the story of Yaowarat. Through the eyes and point of view of the artist to get to know and experience the atmosphere of Chinese community through the presentation and composition of stories from space to paintings and camera lenses the exhibition will be subdivided into 2 exhibitions: "Life in Chinatown" by Tawan Yaosungnoen and "Yaowarat My Home" by Chanchai Chua.

The exhibition "Life in Chinatown" presents impressions of people's way of life and atmosphere in Chinatown. Which has a unique Chinese culture for a long time and charming food it's outstanding in taste. Everything here has a long history. And still able to maintain its identity from the past to the present, the artist wants to see the way of life in various places of Chinatown, the beautiful nightlife atmosphere, and the beauty atmosphere on Yaowarat Road that has now become a tourist attraction. Bangkok landmarks.

The exhibition "Yaowarat My Home" presents the story of a familiar area in the memory of Chanchai Chua, an artist who captures perspectives and stories through Camera lens and the relationship that occurred in the Yaowarat area Many times looking at Yaowarat from the familiar perspective through the eyes of those who were born and raised here, something special and charming arises through the images that appear behind the camera lens. The artist's point of view presents something that is often overlooked in the culturally diverse space. And the spirit of the place there are many stories and stories of people that appear in the space of possibilities behind the camera lens.

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