Pink, Black & Blue

Manit Sriwanichpoom

We used to decipher colour more deeply: green with envy, pink with pleasure, red with shame. We are bruised black and blue.

Colour divides us even as it unites – into us and them; black and white, red and blue, red and yellow. Such artificially-induced divisions to conquer have left many people too mentally exhausted to maintain any degree of awareness or even to care about human survival, let alone art. It’s become easy to forget that colour in its pure vibrational form, unburdened by preconception and man-made context, is energy, with the power to heal and free us from obscure emotional conflict through a sort of pleasurable catharsis. Colour is instant drama, beyond words and shapes, beyond touch, colour saturates the brain and clarifies the heart.

The worldwide imprisonment of the pandemic lockdown gave photo-artist Manit Sriwanichpoom the quiet time he needed to complete the long-overdue compilation of his iconic Pink Man series, as well as two other books of previously unseen work of extraordinary intensity: the transcendental ‘I Saw A Blue Wing’ and the dark joy of ‘When I Was Twenty’.

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