Portrait of Art-Space

Teerapong Benjathavornanant

This exhibition is a presentation of three art-space. Presented as a work of video interviews of all people working in the area. All people who work in the area when assembled together will be like a representation of that area. This project shows portraits of people of the interviewee belong video interview. The portraits painted by story form interviewee, based on the tastes of the interviewees. And finally, when this work is over. We will give all of painting to interviewees to thank you for being a part of the project.

Art gallery is a place that like a backdrop for art work. This exhibition brings together well-known galleries in the Thai art circle, including matdot artspace [fine art magazine] / number1gallery / numthong artspace. These three locations have all been operating for a long time. There are many artists and art work coming through to exhibit in the area. In this exhibition We will take you to get to know the people in the place ,who is part of driving the Thai art industry has always been behind.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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