Psyche's Sediments

Mamablues (Fawalai Sirisomphol)

When the hour hand reaches six and signals that the sun is setting, all the experiences one has all day combined with memories from the past start to settle and become sediments in one’s mind. Once one closes their eyes, the mind stirs up those sediments from the bottom again, and they float onto the surface. They mix, they muddle, and eventually create a new vision. The vision seems truer than true, and the story enigmatically goes on. The artist is not only the creator of this vision, or visions; but also the storyteller and the spectator at the same time. She has now recorded those visions onto her canvases and is ready to invite guests to her newly created realm. The guests will then become the co-spectators that journey to this ever-alluring parallel world.

When one travels through the artist’s world, one does not become a traveler but a dimension cruiser. This protagonist gets to cross to another realm that is totally different from the real world, another polar opposite from the world of reasons. In this space, one can see a body being dissected into complex structures, organs twisted, objects floated around with no direction. Shapes and forms are non-existent. Dimensions are overlapped and interconnected. Time is out of alignment. The past, the present and the future are all mixed up. Everything gets muddled in one ‘verse’ and the atmosphere becomes chaotic. This creates such suspicious and mystified vibes. The cruisers then feel like they are walking through a giant maze that has doors between walkways but no exit. There is no entrance either. But it is the visions that really keep one in there, the visions from the sediments that make the endless journey much enjoyable.

For this Psyche's Sediments exhibition, the artist has challenged herself for the first time by expressing her ideas in monochrome and focusing on shading her blacks and whites, as well as texture and tones, perfectly. She wants to create an atmosphere where mysteriousness and wonder equally flourish. Also, she wants to display her mind’s sediments collected from years and years of memories; and her feelings that were once recorded only in black and white, in dark and light. The sediments, or the psyche’s sediments, are perfectly visualized as new visions and ready to be spectated now.

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