Pure Imagination

A collaboration between Na Kittikoon, Jim Thompson and ATT 19

‘Pure Imagination’ exhibition has been a pure joy to work on for the last two years. Not only is it a project that I was able to spearhead with my best friend, Suthatta Joungkeerati who worked for Jim Thompson at the time but it is also a project that has given me so much in return with the relationship I came to forge with the wonderful teachers of the Na Kittikoon foundation.

We feel that the quality of the works presented by the foundation surpasses many traditional expectations of what we as a society had thought capable of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With the social stigma in which people with ASD experiences, we believe that through this exhibition, we can provide more insights into their everyday lives and the important work in which the foundation does in raising awareness, providing therapy through creative outlets as well as creating a career path as artists for their students.

Through the generous support of Jim Thompson and their silk fabric donations, we were able to work with the artist students and their teachers in developing unique works exclusively for this exhibition. In ‘Pure Imagination’, you will find original artworks by 23 students of the Na Kittikoon Foundation, each one an original on its own. Under 6 different themes, Thai flowers, Thai delicacies, Bangkok neighborhood, Under the Sea and Jim Thompson Silk Stories, the artists have worked endlessly for the last two years to create this exceptional body of work.

Together with my partner, Teerapoj Teeropas as curators - we wanted to curate the exhibition through the letters and unique tale-like stories from the teachers of the foundation. Our goal is for our audience to see the pure intentions, the dedication and relationships between the teachers and the students - the love they share is indescribable and we are honored to be able to tell their stories.

We hope you find small moments of joys, witness love and kindness and feel touched by humanity within this exhibit. We feel that Na Kittikoon’s role as a foundation is more than supporting the ASD community but it is also about providing a place in society and proof that people with ASD is capable. The foundation not only helps the individual artist but their families too by creating a safe space for their children, providing a normalcy in their everyday routine and giving integrity to families with ASD members with positive representations.

Mook Attakanwong
Creative Director and Co-Founder ATT 19

Special Programs (for all workshop reservations & more info, please DM @att19.bkk)

8th April 2023: Intuitive Embroidery Workshop with Ease Studio and Jim Thompson silks
22nd April 2023: Crafted Flower workshop with Likay Bindery and Jim Thompson Silks
29th April 2023: Weaving workshop with Bytewood Studio and Jim Thompson Silks

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