Akras Pornkajornkijkul, Rungruang Sittirerk, Supapong Laodheerasiri, and Natthaphon Chaiworawat

"Real-time" refers to computer systems or processes that can send information to be displayed instantaneously. Real-time systems are essential in many technological fields, including telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, and financial services. For instance, stock market trading systems enable traders to make immediate decisions based on current market circumstances. "Traces" often refers to observable evidence or symbols left behind by an act or procedure. In terms of mechanism, real-time and traces are related and interconnect with one other, particularly depending on each specific context. In "Engulfing," Chaiworawat depicts traces of logic and emotions such as greed and fear using candlestick charts as a symbol in the stock and cryptocurrency markets via "Trading view," a web-based tool that reveals traces of the moments of decision, confusion, and chaos in real-time.

Real-time can be additionally viewed in terms of humanity, which is linked to cognition and responsiveness, which is the basic essence of emotions. This allows us to evaluate and respond to sensory information rapidly and efficiently. Laodheerasiri conveys the ephemeral terms of existence in "Flags of Silence and Emptiness," which are conveyed into musical notes turned into group flags as a sign of joy and celebration.

In a socio-cultural context, real-time can be associated with communication and responsiveness that occur concurrently with information exchange. Physical interactions create traces of acts in both tangible and intangible forms upon which human beings can experience and react. In "Morphosyntopia", Pornkajornkijkul intends to observe an “Ant Colony" that controls and works together through the system of divisions and cooperation, resulting in a simulation of an ecosystem in a crisis environment. Sittirerk's research-based work, "It May Be Loud,"  depicts sound and motion pictures that arose from his examination of Bangkok's modern urbanization under the notion of capitalism, along with his personal experiences as a provincial person who must relocate to live in urban society.

This art exhibition collaborates with a group of students in the Interactive Live Performance class, Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Architecture, Art, and Design, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) through their Live Art activities. Traces from their actions will be transformed into installation art that will be continuously developed until the end of the exhibition.

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