13 artists from Japan, Russia, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, South Korea, and France.

When the world of reality provides artists with raw materials, their experiences are filtered through their individual perspectives and ways of thinking. The essence lies in creating something beyond the framework of reality, similar to when we sleep and let dreams flow without constraints. The captivating narratives are meticulously crafted, conveyed through charming shapes, elements, and captivating details. This is the definition of "Reality, Dreams, and Fascination," the theme of this exhibition. The creative works from all corners of the world enrich this definition, reflecting borderless art that not only shows reality but also explores imagination and evokes deep emotions.

Participating international artists include Siam Artista (Indonesia), Takuya Mitani (Japan), Eunsuk Yoo (Korea), Woojung Son (Korea), Ian Bertolucci (Italy), Ellen Sheidlin (Russia), Fool (Korea), OH HYUCK JIN (Korea), Lowqual Theta (Korea), NEF (France), Hendra "HeHe" Harsono (Indonesia), Felipe Cortes Clopatofsky (Colombia), and Akie Yoshida (Japan).

Additionally, we have two guest Thai artists, Niam Mawornkanong and Bobby Leash invited to showcase their artwork in this exhibition.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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