Resonances of the Concealed

Napasraphee Apaiwong

Artificial intelligence (AI) has sparked a new era of intellectual enlightenment. It shines brightly, illuminating even the darkest of nights. However, its arrival has also been met with fear and apprehension. Some are mesmerized by its beauty, while others are bewildered by its potential to deceive.

The image of people standing on a rooftop, waiting for something to descend from the sky, is both awe-inspiring and unsettling. Could it be AI, extraterrestrial beings, or new divine entities? These futuristic beings could lead us to unprecedented heights or destroy us altogether. The photographs in this exhibition, created by AI fed with textual data, evoke both awe and questions. Can they transcend conventional photography? Are they truly photographic art?

Napasraphee Apaiwong, an independent photo artist from Bangkok, presents his first solo exhibition in Thailand, which explores these questions.

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