Romantic Pursuit

Salahwarin Jang

Solo Exhibition no.5 of Salahwarin Jaijuntuck. A long-term female artist from wood carving to the fantasy art of female artists. This time, she brought a series of "romantic pursuit", which is a fantasy between the pursuit of romance. It is deeper than the shell, trying to enter, become a part of love, praise things.

The way to pursue is not only happiness, but also disappointment, difficulties, obstacles to adventure, and every reality we see, complex and inaccessible feeling is fused together to form a real-life romance, which is presented through her unique dimension works.

New creative paintings and past 30 creative works are included to express the identity of artists clearly and firmly. Artists also choose to pass their works to SALAH. J (The original art on products) brand in order to use in daily life. The purpose of this action is to make art no longer tangible.

The insertion of high art into the product make art closer to people and have truly participated.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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