Same ๆ

Barry Macdonald

“Same same, but different” is a common phrase in Thailand mainly used with tourists. I think it shows a flexibility of thought and the Thai flair for translation, doubling the word for emphasis. Compiling the photos for this exhibition I found I had a lot of pairs that embodied this concept, they naturally fell into place around this theme. For me they represent what I really enjoy about wandering around the streets in Thailand.

I grew up in London, and when I first visited Thailand I was struck by the relaxed humour in every day life. So many things were different from what I was used to back home, from night markets to entire families on motorbikes. People have generally been very welcoming and open with me there. It’s one of my favourite places in the world to take photographs because of this.

The symbol is used to indicate that the word or phrase preceding it is repeated, for the title I decided on “Same ๆ”. I hope my images have captured some of the humour and duality I have encountered. These photographs were taken on multiple trips to the Kingdom of Thailand between 2017-2023.

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