Secret Body

Jetketkarn Taikaew, Yasinee Saeung, Phatcharacom Nopacoh and Palawat Ngamsa-ard

'There is no definition that would define this body of mine.
This body was all derived from inner consciousness through perception.’

Through gestures and melodies, we all release our emotions, desires, and sensitivity in this place. Through a body that glitters brilliantly and the glistening hues that spread in the background, but still keep it hidden from people's eyes, showing only a small amount of satisfaction.

"Secret Body" explores the mysteries of the body that cannot be discovered by simple looking. We are all in search of the purpose to exist in a society that is fully comprised of obligation, discipline, and consciousness when one life begins. But everyone has hopes and desires that cannot be blocked by this belief as long as we are human beings with diverse and complex sentiments.

This exhibition features photographs that depict the story of the uncovered bodies. To encourage the understanding that the artists who own the body of work are individuals with real stories, just like everyone else, and that their gender status, identity, and expression belong to them.

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