Singing from Within

Kan Limsathaporn

A painting exhibition created by poets, writers, and editors, the authors paint and point their workpieces with bright and signature colors to represent the beauty of nature appearing in any place, such as grassland, forests, mountains, rivers, seas, and skies through making color, light, and shadow. Therefore, the artworks could be like they are alive.

Singing from within : Kan Limsathaporn

Flowers blooming from tree roots.
Singing from within, blossoming into poetry, song, contemporary art
Colorful, inspired, played, harmonized

Colorful creative things  The truth is still and swaying.
Heart touching heart in dharma.
Reflect  emit a feeling inviting

Let me singing from within
shout the sky
sprouting from the earth.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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