Take Your Seat

Randy and Spencer VanDerStarrren

Take Your Seat is a global photographic journey that uses a director’s chair as a symbol of taking charge. Each of us is the director of our own life. Each of us has the ability to connect with each other, our planet, and our best self.

For this Thailand series exhibition at The Peninsula Bangkok, presented property-wide, father-and-son photographers from Canada, Randy and Spencer VanDerStarrren, explored the regions of Thailand over four separate expeditions, capturing inspiring images that showcase the beauty of The Land of Smiles and its people.

“The Peninsula Bangkok recognises its connection with Thailand over our long history on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. The photographs of Thailand captured in the Take Your Seat exhibition symbolise our connection to this incredible country we call home in a personal way”, said Mr Joseph Sampermans, General Manager of The Peninsula Bangkok.

Father-and-son photographers from Canada, Randy and Spencer VanDerStarrren

Adds photographer Mr Randy VanDerStarren, “Our images of Thailand were taken with the help of an incredible team that ranged from Ambassadors to Tuk Tuk drivers. We are grateful and honoured to have been given the opportunity to photograph a country so rich in history, culture and geography. We cannot say thank you enough to the people of Thailand who so warmly welcomed us as they shared their country and their hearts with us."

The exhibition extends from the front lobby to the signature Peninsula Thai-style boats. Large textured murals through the gardens and an interactive studio incorporate sound design byThailand’s own celebrated artist, musician and conservationist, Khun Note Panayanggool (NOTEP). Says Spencer VanDerStarren, “Having Khun Note as a collaborator with us is a global first. Her sound adds a dimension to our work that complements the feelings our photography evokes. We are fortunate to have her as a collaborator and a friend.”

In addition to this Thailand series, this exhibition also features a special photographic tribute to Türkiye.

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