The Archetype and the Avant-Garde: Luminous Journey

Preecha Thaothong and Pongpan Suriyapat

This exhibition creates a platform for the art practices of 2 eras to have a dialogue and to demonstrate the co-existence of tradition and innovation.

Professor Preecha Thaothong presents a new series “The Wheel of Law” which is the symbol of Buddha’s teachings. Each artwork is created with traditional Thai craftmanship depicting the Buddhism belief that the human body comprises of four natural elements; earth, water, wind, and fire. The three Wheels of Law are displayed in chronological order demonstrating the artistry skills of the Ayudhaya, early Rattanakosin and late Rattanakosin periods.

Pongpan Suriyapat uses Generative Systems in his art practice. Generative Systems enable the creation of art without the artist's direct involvement in producing physical works. By relying on predetermined rules, such as mathematical equations, computer algorithms, or natural factors, Generative Systems can generate various forms of art. The art produced by Generative Systems can take on numerous identities, making it impossible to predict the precise patterns that will emerge. Generative art is beyond the direct control of the artist as it relies on technology and scientific knowledge to produce unique and captivating art. The result can be unpredictable yet fascinating.

Pongpan combines the idea of light and shadow in architecture, that Prof. Preecha is well known for, with the scientific principle of light. Considering the intrinsic quality of light such as reflection, refraction, diffraction of wave, the artist presents visual aesthetics in a form of art installation that is capable of conveying the same messages of life and nature as in Prof. Preecha’s traditional artwork.

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