The Comet and the Nostalgic Souls

Supawich Weesapen

Nova Contemporary is pleased to present Supawich Weesapen's first-ever solo exhibition, The Comet and The Nostalgic Souls. On display from February 18th to April 8th 2023, this radiant exhibition renders the rare emergence of a green comet, delving into its world of digital sublimity. The artist presents a new body of work that transcends the boundaries of painting, illuminating the gallery with glowing imagery. Heavily inspired by the astronomical, Weesapen completed this series of works in the beginning of 2023, when a precious jewel comet came unusually close to Earth for the first time in 50,000 years. This stroke of seemingly cosmic fate is palpable throughout the exhibition, completely transporting the viewer to an otherworldly dimension.

Weesapen evokes a process that he terms metaphoring, producing images beyond mundane language and understanding. These new works analogize a romance between past and present, exuding feelings of anemoia, referring to the ineffable experience of missing a time that one has never known. Weesapen’s paintings do not simply depict the feelings of nostalgia, instead acting as vehicles for entering its abstract effects.

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