The Endless Swimming Pool

Phannapast (Yoon) Taychamaythakool

Following the resounding success of “Venus in the Shell”, which had the entire art community all aflutter in 2021, Phannapast (Yoon) Taychamaythakool returns to River City Bangkok with her third solo exhibition, “The Endless Swimming Pool”, an amalgam of lived experience, personal reflection, and spiritual searching steeped in boundless imagination.

“Venus in the Shell” invites viewers to unveil the singularity of their open-ended subjectivity. In its wake, Yoon has begun to articulate more profound investigations of the self. Activated in a new medium, her questions have inaugurated forays of exploration and research into the realms of psychology, belief and myth, yielding Yoon’s formulation of the universal condition that has connected all of humanity since antiquity: all lives are lived in the hinge of dream and reality, swimming in an endless cosmic cycle.

On occasion, you may find that this universe at the cross-currents of dream and reality is in fact the ‘real’ world you’ve always known. Perhaps you’ve been swimming in this pool all along.

you’re just realizing it now.

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