The Monument

Wutigorn Kongka

“The Monument” is the latest solo exhibition by Assistant Professor Wutigorn Kongka. presenting contemporary artworks by combining sculptures from different eras, contexts and stories to establish personal monument. In the midst of a world in the chaos of society in all dimensions.

The monument was originally erected to commemorate the individuals, groups and milestones that brought about change from local to global. Idols, statues, antique sculptures; they have created stories that resemble memorials or monuments of sacred mythology.

Religious beliefs serve to deliver the message of faith in the power of the unseen in ancient scriptures or historical texts has been made concrete by artists of different eras.

The monument in the form of Wutigorn is an ideal world that still worships and adheres to the belief of the ultimate power and potential of humanity. But on the other hand, Humans have led them to collapse by destroying the environment, endless warfare. In other words, what all mankind crave is the desire for a peaceful land and a beautiful ideal world.

But an ideal world is peaceful does not exist. When humans continue to hate, it leads to war, killing countless people.Even if you accept the truth as it seems, Try to create a twisted and crumbling world as beautiful as you can.

This monument is not a formation of religious beliefs and faith, but an abstract feeling that resembles an adornment with art thatready to worship humans beautifully on monuments amidst the ruins of civilisation that have been majestic for thousands of years.

Yet… the monument may be just a ruin of a slice of history. Torn imagination, flawed by an Imperfect human has formed a new kind of beauty. It is an ideal world of colours. as a sacred monument for religious ceremonies.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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