The Quarantine Report

Krerkburin Kerngburi

The electrical current transmitted through the air and signals that are transformed into data and displayed on various receivers, such as mobile phone screens, computers, or televisions, can often be subject to interference that causes distorted, discontinuous images and altered meanings. This interference can be intentionally caused by senders of certain messages who wish to convey only one perspective, much like political propaganda, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when people are isolated and bombarded with a plethora of information from producers and authorities. This phenomenon can affect one's perception and mental state, not unlike those undergoing sensory deprivation or experimental confinement, where weird music or disruptive noise can lead to confusion and ultimately insanity.

The Quarantine Report, a photo series by Thai photographer Krerkburin Kerngburi records his year-long quarantine at home during the lockdown in Thailand. The media remains an important source of information, particularly in rural areas, as it serves as a channel for reporting the pandemic situation by government agencies, as well as competing news programs reporting on daily deaths in homes. Supernatural television dramas, direct sales pitches, and bizarre news segments are interspersed with intermittent waves of interference and glitches, serving as symbols and warnings that what we are currently watching is, in fact, beyond real. It forces people to be extremely mindful, not to get trapped in a loop and wander endlessly in the web of false and fake information.

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