The Signature

Curated by Charnchai Siriwittayacharoen

Pagoda the Art Club and River City Bangkok proudly present “The Signature”, an exhibition of paintings, sculptures and prints that showcases the talents of an ensemble of emerging and established artists.

The distinction of this edition of “The Signature” lies in the lineup of artists, who are not only masters of their craft, but have also all previously collaborated with Charnchai on an exhibition at least once before. These artists include Naidee Changmoh, Daeng Buasan, Chainarong Kongklin, Amnat Kongwaree, Jakkee Kongkaew, Lolay, Palut Marod, Isaree Baramee, Ploy Kasom, Buakow Phasom, among many other talented colleagues. Moreover, Charnchai has curated this collection with great care, selecting pieces in each artist’s body of work that best reflect their unique style and artistic evolution.

Charnchai hopes that the culminating chapter of “The Signature” series will open doors for Thai artists and contribute to the development of a flourishing arts industry in Thailand.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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