to see : to draw 3

Bachelor of Architecture students, Year 1, Kasetsart U.

When stepping into the world of 'architecture,' one encounters not only buildings and structures in general but also designs filled with subtle details and a captivated agenda within the so-called ‘architecture’. These terms, though short, carry significant meanings that lie within the dimensions of design possibilities.

to see: to draw 3 is an exhibition that will take you into the world of architecture. Here, you will not only be presented with architectural works but also experienced with design under an interdisciplinary agenda that is equipped with various critical tools for architectural design. Delving a little deeper, you will be able to experience the dimensions of design possibilities and interesting points that we have put on display. You can also get closer to the world of architecture through challenges and exercises of the First Year Studio, Bachelor of Architecture students, Year 1, at Kasetsart University.

In addition, we also have talks and workshops that will take everyone to explore and get to know things in the world of architecture.

For more details at : www.facebook.com/GreenAKU

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