Traditions Transformed

Curated by Mook Attakanwong

In an age of mass production and fast consumption, ATT 19 is proud to support preservations, old age traditions and craftsmanship. In celebration of this intention - we are proud to present ‘Traditions Transformed’, an exhibition which curates together 7 individuals who, against the waves of modernity chooses to create works with their two hands.

Within this exhibit, you will find 7 disciplines from Glasswork by Ake Rawdmek, Hand Embroidery by Hanyu Cui, Miniature Sculpture by Thanabet Chanpreechaya, Paper Sculpture by Raksit Boonnark, Thai miniature painting by Subannakrit Krikum, Ceramic by Sirisak Saengow and Wickerwork by Teerapoj Teeropas+++We hope that this exhibition will serve as an inspiration and reminder to our audience to remember our abilities as humans to create with our hands and mind, using technology only as an aid but never to replace our humanness.

ATT 19 is also delighted to join Art for Air schedule with ‘Traditions Transformed’.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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