Transcendence: Body as Landscape

Chatmongkol Insawang

Insawang's personal experience with sickness and death within his family motivated him to seek truth through the philosophy of life and nature, and this is reflected in his art. He negotiates between 2D and 3D mediums to represent the body's deterioration through its visual form. The works on display include sculptures, works on canvas and acrylic plate and are both twisted and distorted, aiming to understate the body's being and present it as anonymous and uncharacteristic.Like other artists who have explored the representation of the body in art, such as classical Greek sculptures, Titian's paintings of female nudes, and Yoko Ono's participatory work, Insawang's unique take on the subject of the body and its metaphors and symbolism implies a complex meaning that extends beyond flesh and blood.

Transcendence: Body as Landscape derives from Chatmongkol Insawang's latest development. The intensity in his work and his mind seems to have reached at hreshold, and the artist has started to release the weight and tension of his fixation on the concept of the human body. In this series, Insawang appears to let go of the matter, the self. Bodies have become part of nature. In some works, the bodies look as if they are parts of a rock formation. In others, the artist allows those bodies to dissolve into the surroundings, a landscape with no boundaries. Don't miss out on this thought-provoking exhibition that will be on display at RKFA Bangkok.

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