Treasure of the Blossom

Soe Soe

Treasure of the Blossom was created by artist Soe Soe. He presents the beautiful rice fields of the Northern Shan State in Myanmar. He is known for capturing the essence of his country with creative energy and details. The vibrant energy of his works combines with rich jeweled hues attract the viewers’ attention, rejuvenating and delighting them. The three-dimensional quality of his pieces captures the nature of rice fields, such that one feels he is physically standing by the beautiful hills in Myanmar. His works have been featured in various media.

Soe Soe’s unusual techniques reflect his innovative spirit in pursuing novelty in each piece of art. Soe Soe’s art is sincere and captivating. These traits are easily identifiable as Soe Soe’s trademarks and because of this, his paintings continue to be well sought after by international collectors.

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