Uncountable Time

Nontawat Numbenchapol, Kridpuj Dhansandors, Rungruang Sittirerk and Viriya Chotpanyavisut

Uncountable Time, the group exhibition by Thai artists presenting video, photography, and installation works, refer to the notion of “Duration” or uncountable time. History is not merely a record of the past but also a painful memoir buried in the conscious mind of the victim or trauma, the intensity of emotion, loss, agony, and melancholy that can be abrupt once triggered. As well as the uncountable time, it is not in the past, present, or future, but rather in the conscious mind. Yet, it preserves the past, disharmonizes with time flow or mobility in space, and speculates altered possibilities. The possibility that comes with the freedom to choose, build or even convert to others. Uncountable time in the conscious mind is protracted but gradually moves from the past to the present, where these collective pasts become metahistory and aligned in such complexity.

These artworks present time in the conscious mind and sediment of the Cold War that remains until today in the present. Nontawat and Kridpuj tell a story that was oppressed by the autocrat through video. Viriya shows blurry photographs of everyday objects, different from their nature that depicts images clearly and truthfully. And Rungruang's installation builds on his uncle’s memoir. A driver who delivers fruits from the North to Bangkok, life on the road and the way it leads have become memories or pasts that shape the will of life.

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