Utopia Now

Kay Walkowiak with Teerawat Kage Mulvilai

Utopia Now by Kay Walkowiak in collaboration Teerawat Kage Mulvilai, put into question the fundamentals of the Western tradition and the liberal-capitalist world. In the face of the current worldwide social conflicts, resulting from global warming, pandemics, and capitalist power play.

Evolving around the idea of the utopian, the works presented in the exhibition act as projection screens that invite to think about possible alternatives for the way we interact with the world and our fellow humans. They propose a shift of emphasis from individualism to consider new forms of coexistence, collaboration, and, therefore also democracy. A ghost embodied by Teerawat explores various dilapidated or abandoned places. Central institutions of capitalist society – be it department stores, airplanes, or cinemas – appear like resonances of their demise and thus their negation. By irritating the familiar, which is presented as past and decayed, invites us to think about an alternative future worth fighting for.

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