Vasan Unseen

Vasan Sitthiket

Vasan Unseen is a collection of art exhibitions from Vasan Sitthiket, that have never been seen in Thailand before. This exhibition is based on a series of works by Vasan Sitthiket, who have been exhibited internationally in China and Singapore at Rebel Art Space Chinatown. The first place in Thailand

Vasan Sitthiket

     …I thought that people wanted to wear uniforms because of their humanity. When they were wearing police uniforms, or they were capitalists or farmers, and they were workers. Everyone had uniforms. But the country liked to wear uniforms. Who wore white clothes, each of them had institutions and class through clothes. I wrote, but the clothes of people without body, were written by women, the soldiers, the police, the courts, the gods. I did not finish the dress. The truth should be more, because it should be all of the people who live together in society.

     ...People are people, if they take off their uniforms, we don't know who they are. This is what I open up and the point of view in this matter. In fact, humanity is born, alive, and dead. So being together in social systems, people should be together peacefully, generously and presently, so I worked on this set.

     ...And another series of works I wrote about the people in ASEAN countries where there was a problem. There were problems that Cambodia fired people from the Indonesia writing area. The killing between China and Muslim people, the locals hated each other, or that in Malaysia, 10 countries in Asia had problems or in our own home. This series is a black and white recording.it was written in grayish colors on black, similar to the negative images, to show what was going on. I personally made this work to record that we wanted the whole world to change the capitalism, which was terrible. Socialism should liberate and save human beings, not we took the capital system to rob him. The hardship that it already has is getting more and more, I hope that the human world society is awake and changing. This is what I record in this series.

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