Welcome, When Will You Leave?

Jaruwat Normrubporn (Tew)

The exhibition "Welcome, When Will You Leave?" originates from visits to the home, the private space, which is almost everything of Jaruwat, or Tew, the artist, who is passionate about decorating his house with vibrant colors, various collectibles, or dining utensils. The hosting of friends or customers—all these stories have taken place in the very space where the artist lives and works.

With various event themes reflecting the artist's identity, each event is unique and leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. It shows the artist's easygoing and comfortable nature, but at the same time, there is an internal conflict. That conflict is the feeling of wanting the guests to leave (because the artist fears that others might waste their time with him and starts to miss his personal space). This is the inspiration behind the exhibition.

This exhibition tells stories through drawings and writings, accompanied by dialogue that completes the ambiance of viewing the artwork. It allows viewers to vividly imagine the artist's identity.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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