White Noise

Kathy Anne Lim

White mist creeping through the crannies of things in the “White Noise” series by Singapore photographer Kathy Anne Lim looks like the opening scene of something terrifying in a stage play. When the smoke clears, a devil will appear to haunt people.

In fact, it is fumigating to repel insects in various parts of Singapore. Because Singapore is a country in the tropics, not different from Thailand, densely populated and there are often diseases caused by mosquitoes and insects. The authorities repel the insects, but seem to be fumigating people instead. These mysterious images of toxic clouds remind us of various issues that people in our country are facing, such as PM 2.5 dust that is often caused by humans from burning for agriculture or from urban vehicles.

Going beyond that is hidden, mysterious, eating away at the development in various areas of our country whether freedom of expression, democracy, corruption, etc which comes with a beautiful shape, twisting like a dance along the flowers and fascinates people but is filled with poison. When the mist clears, a real evil will appear which is more deadly than those poisonous mists.

Kathy Anne Lim (b.1991) a photographer and visual artist raised in Singapore. She studied Visual Communication (Dip) at Temasek Polytechnic Singapore and Photography (BA Hons) at London College of Communication, University of Arts London. Her work has been exhibited and published in Singapore, North America, United Kingdom and Italy.

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