Yep2Help x Wiset Jiropas x Ophélia Ramonet

Wonderdoggos: an artistic way to meet with the adoptable dogs of Sangklhaburi Animal Sanctuary. We sparkle their life because they are all wonders.

This charity exhibition invites everyone to reflect :
- Why would we breed more dogs since there are already too many ?
- Do you choose your friends and family for their looks or for their personnality ?
- Can you come up with a valid reason to not do our best to make animal’s condition better ?

Painter Wiset Jiropas, a growing Bangkok-based artist whose unique work of art springs from personal enjoyment and public satisfaction.Photographer Ophélia Ramonet as an adventurer going to the infinity and beyond to find stories to tell through her camera. For Wonderdoggos, Ophélia creates a game of lights to capture the best portraits of SAS’ 18 dog-supermodels while respecting their personality.

We collaborate for a better place for animals and people.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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