Wow! More Sizes Upstairs

Andy Dixon

Over the Influence is proud to announce Andy Dixon's Southeast Asian debut with Wow! More Sizes Upstairs which features twenty new paintings from the esteemed artist. The exhibition is on view at Over the Influence Bangkok from 19 May to 2 July 2023.

Size matters. Or does it? An age-old question asked of everything from historical monuments and sports cars to survey samples and physical stature. A range similar in scope and scale to Andy Dixon's oeuvre that references artifacts, motifs, and tropes as esoteric and obscure as Greek mythology and as contemporary and campy as Elmo and Versace. The twenty works in Dixon’s latest exhibition attempt not necessarily to answer this eternal debate but to interrogate and explore its relevance to the process and production of fine art.

Each painting in, Wow! More Sizes Upstairs is titled by size, extra small, small, medium, and large, just as if they were articles of clothing. Dixon’s interest in calling attention to the oft-overlooked fact that the art industry, despite its metaphysical trappings, has more in common than not with other luxury markets, such as fashion, is evidenced by his paintings and sculptures over the last ten years. His 10-foot canvas Hermès shirt and ceramic-initial embellished Louis Vuitton bag come immediately to mind, but also his patrons’ homes series depicting interiors laden with fine art objects, including his own, and his vase paintings based on images from Google searches for expensive vases. “It’s one of the most unregulated markets on the planet,” says Dixon.

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