YOOMOOTA - The Universe About You

Taras Yoom

333Gallery and artist Taras Yoom cordially invite you to embark on a captivating journey into the realm of enchanting characters and whimsical tales with Yoomoota – The Universe About You, the first ever solo exhibition in Asia by the Russian artist Taras Yoom, who was previously a medical student but has now pursued on a new path as a full-time artist.

Based in Bangkok, Taras has garnered international recognition through his participation in prestigious exhibitions such as the Collectible Fair Brussels, Cosmoscow, Milano Design Week, Beijing Design Week, among others. His exceptional talent is affirmed by his numerous accolades in design, including the AD, Elle Decoration, A' Design Award, IDA, and many more.

This anticipated exhibition is to unveil the complete world of Yoomoota Universe. With the artist's deep understanding of biology and nature, he presents a vibrant and accessible portrayal through a variety of mediums such as paintings, sculptures, collection designs, mixed media, sketchbooks, and NFTs.

Delve yourself into a journey through the Yoomoota Universe, where you can explore and discover the unique character that resonates with your imagination.

Note: All information is from the event organizer
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