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Vinyl fair 2023

With the belief that vinyls are more than just an obsolete medium, but a unique experience that transports the sensation of music through generations, senses, and limits, TITOTITO, an expert in Creative Consultancy has invited various experienced experts of music to amplify and expand the vinyl community by creating a new place for all who are in love and intrigued with vinyl! No matter if you’re an old-school or new-wave listener, we’d like to invite you to come to cultivate, enliven, and broaden the community with us.

Explore the vinyl fair. Relish in various activities curated exclusively for this event, such as digging for the rarest, most loved, most treasured vinyls from more than 15 vinyl stores, or discover a new vision of 10 legendary vinyl covers, redesigned by various artists from Happening and BKK Illustration fair, available one-off for those who would like to own these exclusive limited editions.

Joy the Exclusive live to vinyl session. Enjoy a new level of intimacy with vinyl in our Exclusive Live to vinyl Session, where we invite famous artists and experts in recording to perform, record, and produce live within the event. Witness the first-ever Direct to Disc recording session in Thailand, with only 30 seats available per session.

Other exclusivities include:

10 Vinyl Cover limited edition. Imagine what if we redesign the vinyl cover of the famous artist to the new version which designed by a famous artist from “Happening” such as Juli baker and summer, Prang Vipaluk, Eaowan and ETC.

Chill in the Vinyl lounge. Listening to various renowned vinyls from deep within private collections, matched with the perfect space and furniture for vinyl lovers in the Vinyl Lounge by Modernform.

Taste a new sense of music from legendary vinyls, interpreted into unique menus by Fest, before chilling out with our various Vinyl DJs live throughout all 3 days!Whether you are a long-time lover of vinyl or a newcomer, we’d like to invite you to meet, chat, exchange, and experience vinyls with us.

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