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Forgive me for I have sinned

การแสดงของ H0M0HAUS เทศกาลศิลปะการแสดงเพื่อความหลากหลาย 2024


1 - 9 Jun 2024

"If we are to be sinners, let us take our sins to talk it out with God ourselves."

This documentary-style performance aims to raise questions and invites the audience to explore the life of a "Muslim transgender woman." It delves into how being both "transgender" and "Muslim" subjects her to judgment and suppression from her family and a society deeply rooted in religious beliefs. Why is she deemed a sinner, and what reasons lie behind her continued faith in God?

Reflecting real-life experiences and the power between the lines of teachings,

Performed by Aitarnik (Auss) Chitwiset, a Muslim transgender woman, gender rights advocate, and communication policy expert at the Think Forward Center, directed by Sirabhob (Raptor) Attohi, a queer artist and activist for democracy and gender diversity. Together, they aim to convey and lead everyone to explore the life and faith of a transgender woman suppressed under the patriarchal system.

We invite you to find the answers together in ‘مُخَنَّث Forgive me for I have sinned.’ In the end, who judges the transgender, "God" or "man"?

Director: Sirabhob (Raptor) Attohi
Actors: Aitarnik (Auss) Chitwiset

Venue : People of Ari (Main Theatre)
5 showtimes (every show starts at 19:00)
June 1st / June 2nd / June 7th / June 8th / June 9th
(The play is in Thai with English subtitles)

Ticket price 700 baht
Grab your tickets here:

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