Planetary Seed

Wit Pimkanchanapong x living room for seed


21 Jun - 24 Nov 2024

100 Tonson Foundation is delighted to invite you to the opening ceremony of Planetary Seed, a collaborative exhibition by Thai artist Wit Pimkanchanapong and living room for seed. The experience-based art installation invites viewers to delve into concepts of coexistence of self-reliance and endemic ways of life as they journey through the dynamic, ever-morphing pathways of the maze.

The three-dimensional maze constructed by Wit in Planetary Seed is rooted in the maze traditions of the Shan and Karen peoples, linked to the legend of the Vessantara Jātaka. The Karen's bamboo maze, creating a pathway to a Buddha statue enshrined at its center, is often seen at local festivals such as Mahachati Preaching and Boon Phawet, particularly in northeastern and northern Thailand. Wit reimagines this indigenous tradition with innovation, technology, and computation, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in a journey of exploration and encounter experiences of trial and error, reflecting the path to enlightenment in a dynamic maze that continually shifts.

Awakening discarded time and space in the ever-morphing terrain of a maze

The ever-morphing terrain of a maze realised by Wit Pimkanchanapong invites us onto a pathway to experience tactile connections and fragments that we overstep in our daily lives. Through his engagement with experiential research and dialogue within the ongoing actions of living room for seed, the maze became an attempt to generate a realm of coexisting self-reliance which awakens the space and time discarded in contemporary societies. The temporal and spatial dimensions expanded with living room for seed invite all to find a realm of spontaneity that will call the concrete pavement of today’s life into question, opening an interstice that connects unexpected and unheard.

Throughout the six-month exhibition, the theme inside this maze will morph monthly, incorporating a range of mediums including video, sound, photography, sculpture, drawing, sketch, and text to convey narratives about landscapes, the Mekong River, and the handover to future generations through living room for seed’s methods.

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