The delightful taste of autumn leaves beautifully captured at MAD BEEF

The Chef's Enchanting Culinary Masterpieces in Meat Creations

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Bangkok Art City people  might be familiar with strolling through the art exhibitions in the galleries of Charoenkrung 30. In these small lanes, you'll find contemporary galleries full of unique character. Plus, if you venture further down the lane, it connects to Talad Noi area. Here, contemporary art and culture blend seamlessly with the local community's way of life, creating a truly authentic experience.

The cozy 12-seat bar ensures that everyone who visits can enjoy a warm conversation with chef Cher.

Today, we'd like to invite you to embark on a unique art tour in Charoenkrung 30. We'll start with a visit to the exhibitions in galleries at  Warehouse 30, all located within the same vicinity. Afterward, we'll stroll down Charoenkrung 30 and explore the art moment at ATT19. We'll wrap up this nice little tour with a delightful dinner course at the cozy MAD BEEF restaurant. Join us for an artistic adventure like no other! 


Chef Cher, who meticulously crafts every dish with care, is not only a culinary artist but also a captivating storyteller. 

Here, the exquisite menu is Kaiseki style, using top-notch secondary cuts of beef imported from Australia. Each dish is not only a culinary masterpiece but also a visual delight. What impresses us the most, and what we invite everyone to experience, is the passion and dedication put into this place by Chef Cher-Puntip Attakanwong, the owner, and the artists who meticulously design and prepare each dish. This restaurant is a labor of love, from the thoughtful food design to the inviting ambiance that not only satiates your appetite but also fills your heart with joy. The three hours here pass by swiftly, with each dish being modest in portion yet incredibly satisfying. It's a delightful experience that leaves you content and wanting more.


Some of the standout dishes in the Kaiseki course. Each dish is meticulously curated, offering a delightful experience that authentically captures the spirit of autumn.

At MAD BEEF, the chef lovingly crafts dishes based on the current season, embracing the cozy autumnal vibes until December. The joy of dining here is akin to having a heartwarming conversation with a friend; each visit promises a unique culinary adventure. So, prepare your senses for a delightful surprise, relish the seasonal flavors, and cozy up for a memorable experience amidst the warm autumn glow.

Our most cherished delight during this culinary adventure was the final treat - a dessert crafted from the essence of autumn,  Ice cream Cream cheese infused beef fat with Yuzu jelly. At first, there was a curiosity in the air, a question of how it would taste. Yet, from the very first spoonful, it felt like savoring the crisp, cool air of autumn, wrapped in a comforting, warm hug. The ice cream, sweet and rich, was a delightful surprise, devoid of the heaviness we imagined. And when paired with the smiling jellies, it created a moment of sheer bliss, the perfect ending to our day. We invite you to experience this heartwarming delight with us - an invitation to indulge in the flavors of the season and let your senses dance in joy. Come and join us in this exquisite journey! 

Ice cream Cream cheese infused beef fat with Yuzu jelly, is the perfect finale to the crisp flavors of autumn.

If you're interested in experiencing it our way, it's best to reserve a table in advance. The restaurant only accommodates 12 guests per day. Whether you're coming solo or with a group, rest assured you won't feel lonely. The chef's captivating stories and engaging conversations make the experience lively and enjoyable. We recommend securing your spot before the season changes, so you can fully immerse yourself in the warm flavors of autumn's meaty delights.

Don't miss out on this cozy culinary journey!

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